Loving parents raising their children in positive, confidence-building ways. is a web site that is devoted to loving parents who want to raise their children in positive, confidence-building ways. We fight against the negative and destructive cultural norms that endanger today’s children and teens, which many ignore.  We believe that we there is a constant battle to be fought to keep families today healthy and respectful with a regard for values. Some may view our views and ideas as “old-fashioned” or even “idealistic”, but through our own experience and our Christian faith, we believe and know that it is possible to protect our children and for them to mature into loving, responsible and confident adults.

The foundation of our parenting style is having respect for our children, from newborns to adults. Every child, no matter their age, is a person deserving full respect, even in times of poor decision making and learning. The most loving of families embrace the mutual respect and the parent-child relationships flourish.

Parenting Babies

Our approach for parenting babies includes natural and loving ways. We do not believe you can “spoil” a baby and we feel that they need their parents to be there for them and not rush a baby’s independence. We encourage parents to establish routines for their babies, but not to hold the extreme expectations that our culture is obsessed with. We want parents to enjoy every moment with their babies and appreciate the short-lived time in which they need and want you for everything. It is our belief that parenting infants in this way will result in babies that trust their parents, are confident to explore and develop and have a healthy need for their parents.

Parenting Toddlers

Our approach for parenting toddlers is similar to that of babies, with the need to establish reasonable boundaries and to enforce them in a respectful, loving way. We believe healthy discipline is necessary and that this is the first stage in establishing boundaries that are essential to be a successful teen and adult.  We encourage very “hands-on” interaction with toddlers and caution against using technology (television, movies, video games, computers, etc) as a baby-sitter. We promote quality time with toddlers engaging in activities that foster imagination and physical action.

Parenting School-Age Kids

Our approach for parenting school-age children follows closely to that of toddlers, continuing to establish and enforce boundaries as they grow. Once children are school-age it is important to be more aware of cultural influences and who your children are spending time with. We encourage parents to be protective of their children and be selective on what houses they can play (and more importantly, spend the night) at.

Parenting Teens

Our approach to parenting teenagers is fairly complex, as the life of teenagers is. A whole new set of struggles arises during adolescence and it can be a very traumatic time for teens. We encourage parents to be patient, but also determined and consistent with their teens. We believe that parents must listen to their teenagers and be sensitive to their changing bodies and minds. Teenagers are probably the most influential age group and the target of cultural destruction, so we believe that parents need to help their teens realize what they are facing and help them learn how to stay true to themselves.