Relate To Teens

The Relate and Relate To Teens ebook series were created as a way to help both teens and parents through common teenage issues.

As previous publishers of Relate Magazine (for teen girls) for 5 years, we touched on a variety of topics that teens experience, but we were not helping the parents who make such a tremendous impact on the lives of their teens. In an effort to truly help Christian families with teen girls, we began our new ebook series in 2010.


It is our goal to help bridge the gap of communication between parents and their teen daughters so that the family can be close and healthy. We know that it can be hard to raise girls with a Christian worldview in today’s society. Our approach considers the reality of what teens face and God’s word as it relates to these difficult situations.


There are two versions of our ebooks, designed for the teen and the parent individually, but also in a format that makes them perfect to be used together either in the home or group setting.

  • The teen version is presented in a magazine-like format with photos, facts, statistics and quotes scattered throughout along with stories submitted by teens and most importantly, many pages for interactive exercises. The material is presented in a way that make it easy, interesting and fun for teens to read about a serious topic.
  • The parent version is presented in a book format with the information broken down into the same sections as the teen version. It shows you what exercises are in the teen version and provides suggestions for ways to talk through these exercises with your teen. It informs you on what your teen is experiencing and the struggles she faces along with tips and ideas for how to parent her through them.

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