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Is Your Teenage Daughter Experiencing Self-Esteem And Body Image Issues?

Finally We Have The Solution To Help You Parent Her Through Her Self-Esteem Issues And To Improve Her Confidence!

RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image


Brand New! The ultimate solution to help you parent your teen daughter through self-esteem issues and to improve her confidence!

Relate and Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image


From: Mary Bowman-Relate To Teens

Re: Brand NEW Self-Esteem & Body Image Book!

Teen girls struggle to maintain a positive self image in an image-focused society. This problem is growing more and more as teens are bombarded with media that portrays too-thin models and celebrities, with a constant message that all women need to look this way to be attractive and desirable.

The definition of beauty comes from mainstream society instead of from God, which results in girls being unhappy with the way they look and basing for their value and worth on these unreasonable standards.

As a parent, you see your daughter fight to be happy with herself and you want to be able help her.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to make a difference, though. It can be hard to know exactly what to say and when to say it to have a positive impact. These are just a few of the many questions you may have…

  • Why does my teen seem to struggle so much even though I love her and tell her that she is beautiful?
  • How can I help my teen see herself the way God sees her?
  • What pressure does today’s mainstream media put on my teen that I didn’t experience when I was a teen?

Can you relate?

After years of experience, research and talking to many teens and parents, we found the best ways to help build a teen girl’s self-esteem and body image by truly relating to her. We know secrets for how parents can have a real impact on their teen’s life with proven communication methods that teens agree with and an inside look at what teens are really going through. At last, you can take the right steps in improving your teen’s self-esteem!

mom and teen daughterDon’t Give Up!

As a parent you have a tremendous role in helping establish your daughter’s self-esteem.

  • Does your teen constantly talk about the way she looks?
  • Does she obsess over what she eats and how she dresses?
  • Does she want to be like the celebrities she sees?
  • Is she afraid to stand up for her beliefs?
  • Is she reluctant to be a leader?
  • Is she more focused on appearances than what really matters?

You are not alone and neither is your daughter. But, if you don’t do something about this now it could lead to your teen becoming one of the 75% of girls with low self-esteem that engage in negative activities such as eating disorders, cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking when feeling badly about themselves.

Relate and Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image eBooks

Relate is the guide your teen needs and Relate to Teens is your parenting guide. They can be used individually or together in a variety of settings to get the best results. Inside Relate To Teens, you will learn EXACTLY what your teen is experiencing and what she needs from you. At the same time, inside Relate, your teen will learn how to deal with her teen struggles and get advice on how to communicate with you. Included in BOTH books are “workbook” areas for thinking through important questions and journaling—essential for self-discovery and growth.

Here’s What One Satisfied Mom Had To Say About Relate to Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image

“RESPECT! It is all about respect! This book is incredibly helpful to parents of all teens, not just girls. The information is practical and thought provoking. I would recommend it to parents of all ages-with kids of all ages-to get a real feel for what your teens are going through, or will be going through, and what they need but may not necessarily show in direct ways. The exercises are well done and will help you to put yourself in your teen’s place. It really helps to take the confusion and embarrassment out of conversations with your teen.”

—Kathleen, Missouri

ARelate To Teens Quick Peek At What’s Inside Relate to Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image

Read some excerpts from our books to see some of the advice, tips and insights we provide:

relate to teens self esteem and body image ebook cover

relate to teens order now

There is so much more inside. But the bottom line is, are you Ready To Take Action and make a promise to your teen that you are going to do everything you can to learn to relate to her? By following our approach in Relate To Teens you WILL have a better relationship with your teen, find it easier to communicate with her and understand what she is going through. Sound good? Well it is. And we can show you how.

“I am encouraged by this book. It is refreshing to read a book that speaks about things most women have struggled with, such as self-esteem and confidence with who God made us to be. It can be so easy to fall into the trap the retail industry sets for us, to try and steal our joy by getting us to focus our attention on our outward appearance, instead of on our inward appearance, where it really matters.

The book states that one of the biggest influences on girls today regarding beauty is the media. I completely agree. The media has a way of making us feel like we are not worth anything if we do not conform to the image they portray. Often times the message they give us, is we have to look perfect or we will not be loved. That is a lie. I cannot begin to count the times I have felt negatively about myself, believing if I could just lose some weight, or get in better shape, or have a new outfit, I would feel better about myself. The truth is, once I did any of that I might have felt better for a little while, but it never lasted, eventually I still felt miserable. Because it’s what is on the inside that makes you who you are.

I encourage every girl parent and young girl to read this. You will be encouraged!”

—Carol, Missouri

“I love that I finally found a Christian resource for parenting my teen. It is hard to raise a daughter with a Christian worldview, and this book helped me put things in the right perspective with her. I was able to use Christian principles and still be able to really relate to her. She instantly became more receptive to me when I started using some of the tips and suggestions in the book. This is very helpful for our relationship!”

—Christine, Ohio

“Relate: Self-Esteem & Body Image has really helped me. Not only is the book laid out in easy to read sections with awesome colors and pictures, but the information in it is given in a cool way I can relate to. I don’t feel like someone is trying to stuff information in my face or force me to do something. This book helped me realize all the potential I truly do have and made me want to work harder to love myself. I am worth it and don’t need to compare myself to others. I can and will love me for me!!”

—Melissa, Virginia

“As the father of two teenage daughters, I have always had a hard time understanding my girls. I have no idea what it is like to be a teen girl so it can be hard to relate to them. This book finally opened my eyes to what sorts of things they are going through and a lot of things make sense now! This is an excellent tool for any parent that feels a little out of the loop with their teen.”

—Mike, Missouri

What’s The Investment To Help Your Daughter?Relate To Teens

Less than a book you would buy at a bookstore. You can buy both the parent and teen versions of Self Esteem & Body Issue for just $17.97! Interested one just the parenting book? It can be purchased individually for $9.99. Once purchased, you will be immediately directed to a download page where you can download the PDF version of these books. Unsure if it is going to really be what you are looking for? We will let you try it risk free for 60 days. Simply purchase the book and if after 60 days you aren’t satisfied, we will refund your money.

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Here’s What You’ll Get…

Relate: Self-Esteem & Body Image and Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image eBooks

relate to teens self esteem and body image ebook coversOur complete Self-Esteem & Body Image series includes everything you need to parent your teen through this difficult issue!You’ll learn EXACTLY what your teen is facing, how you can communicate with her, how to build a strong relationship with her and much more. Adobe PDF File – Windows or Mac Compatible – You can use either Adobe Reader or Preview (both are Free Software)

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OPTION #1: The Complete Self-Esteem & Body Image Kit

This complete package provides you with resources for both you as a parent and your teen daughter. Relate: Self Esteem & Body Image will guide your teen through the complicated issue of self-esteem. It will teach her to see herself the way God sees her and help her do things that will improve her overall self-image. Includes workbook areas for self-discovery questions and journaling. Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image will give you (parents) an inside look at what your teen daughter is experiencing as she struggles through the issue of self-esteem. It provides you with parenting tips that will help you relate to your teen and improve your relationship with her.

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Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image will give you (parents) an inside look at what your teen daughter is experiencing as she struggles through the issue of self-esteem. It provides you with parenting tips that will help you relate to your teen and improve your relationship with her.

Buy The Parent Version, Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image

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relate to teens self esteem and body image

Here’s to you and your daughter growing together! Just remember, our resources worked for many parents just like you – so I know they can work for you too! You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – you get to try it risk free for 60 days – and if you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever, you get your money back. It’s that simple! Relate To Teens

Here’s What a Few Others Have To Say About Relate & Relate To Teens

“My daughter and I went through these books together and shared some incredible moments. I was finally able to talk to her about some serious issues, without sounding like a preaching parent. We were able to quickly bond and learn a lot more about each other and she has really opened up about other issues as well. Great advice for any parent of teen girls!”

—Pat, Ohio

“Me and my friends have struggled with our body image because of what we see on TV and in tons of magazines. When I read this book it opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and has really helped me feel better about the way I look. Doing the exercises that are in the book made me think about things more than just reading them, too. This was a great book for me to read!”

—Marie, Pennsylvania