Building Your Kid’s Confidence

SONY DSCRaising children is not easy, especially in today’s challenging environment. So many things can affect your kid’s self-image that regular trips to hair salons just aren’t going to cut it. You need to boost your kid’s sense of self now to help them become socially adjusted and successful adults in the future. Here are some ways for building your kid’s confidence.


Make them feel loved

Kids always need to feel loved at home. It is how they develop a sense of worth. As parents, we often forget to show them how much we love them because we are working so hard to give them everything they need. The things we give or the fantastic yearly vacations we bring them on are not important. It is the five minutes at breakfast we spend asking them about their plans for the day, and the minute we take to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. What matters is an encouraging nod when they are not doing well, sympathy when they fail, and acknowledgement when they succeed.

Give them structure

Rules give your kid a sense of security. It may seem the height of cool to be a friend to your kid, but young children need you to be a parent more than they need a friend. Give them rules to live by, and this will give them the structure they need to build upon. Explain to them the consequences of their actions when they break the rules, and follow through no matter what. Giving in to what your kid wants will backfire on them and you in the end.

Encourage them in their inclinations

Don’t impose your own ambitions and expectations on your kids. Give them the freedom to develop their own interests and support them in whatever they choose to do as much as you can.

Kids are resilient, and they are full of possibilities. If you do your job as a parent in developing a confident kid, then you should have nothing to worry about for their future.

God Gave Us You

god-gave-us-youWe are a Christian family so we LOVE any book that talks about God and his love for us in a way that captivates children. If the story feels personal to your child then it really helps them to understand the message. God Gave Us You delivered all that and more. It is a book that captured our (almost) 4 year-old instantly, by seeing her name on the cover and on every page. It beautifully tells about God’s love for His children and how “God had a plan at the very beginning… He had you in mind, when He set the world spinning.” The book reads easily with catchy rhymes…my favorite!

Each beautiful illustration features the child’s name. They’ll love finding the letters of their name hiding in the leaves of a tree, strutting on the feathers of a peacock and shining brightly in the night sky. Even the front, back and spine of this 8.5″ x 8.5″ hardcover book are personalized. Parents can write a narration for their children as well, making it a great option for a gift or any special occasion. This is defintiely a book to add to your collection for a wonderful reminder of how perfectly created your little one is. $29.95, available at

Francis And Eddie

Francis And Eddie caught my attention immediately for the unique and very cool illustrations.  It also appeared different from most of the children’s books that I come across being a non-fiction and historical sports story. Targeted at ages 6-10, it is the true story of 20-year-old unknown amateur golfer Francis Ouimet, his 10-year-old caddie Eddie Lowery and their astonishing triumph at the 1913 U.S. Open in Brookline, MA.  At its heart, it’s really a book about kids who loved golf and became champions.

Admittedly I am not a golf fan. Actually I am not a sports fan in general. But, I read this book and truly enjoyed it! I love stories where the underdogs win and when it’s a true story it always leaves an impression. I think my favorite part about the story, however, was the respect and adoration the caddie received from Ouimet. I mean, who doesn’t cheer for a sweet young kid with innocence and passion?!

This really is a wonderful story and I imagine that golfers, both young and old, can appreciate all it stands for. Oh, and I can’t forget to emphasize that the illustrations were as neat as I thought they would be. Beautiful depictions of people, combining insane realism with a caricature dynamic.

I Love You To God and Back

by Amanda Lamb

This is a super sweet bedtime prayer book that we adore. A bunny mommy and child go through their bedtime routine they talk about their love for each other and learn how to pray to God. The illustrations are just as sweet as the words!