Jewelry for Every Mom or Daughter

I always have my eyes open for neat jewelry pieces that make a statement. I came across some fabulous, unique jewelry that I HAD to share. My favorite for moms is the Not Just Any Old Day “Datesake” keys on a long chain. I have this necklace with my girls’ birthdays and everyone that sees what it is LOVES it! It is very special and makes the perfect gift for any mother or grandmother. My favorite for girls is the Tiny Hands Scented Jewelry. It is unbelievably adorable with insane detail and the most delicious smells. Adults can certainly wear it, but I think it is too cute for younger girls. This roundup is completed with inspirational pieces from Gracewear and Isabelle Grace to keep spirits lifted and share your faith.

not-just-any-dayNot Just Any Old Day…It’s YOUR Special Day® is unique jewelry that offers a sentimental way to remember, cherish, and celebrate the special occasions in life. Even better, every piece is made from recycled metals, so your gift can be personal, fashionable and green all at the same time! Marked with a Swarovski crystal on the month and day of your choice, Not Just Any Old Day’s® “Datesake” jewelry are a heartfelt gift. Whether celebrating a birth, anniversary, graduation, or a major life accomplishment, the Datesake jewels are a great way to remember those special dates. You will fall in love with the trendy and adorable key shaped design and it is something everyone will notice and ask about! Use an extra long 30″ chain for the perfect, versatile look.


scented-birthday-cupcake-ringscented-snow-cone-necklaceTiny Hands Scented Jewelry is an adorable jewelry line that will make your heart melt and your stomach growl. Tantalize your senses with jewelry that looks and smells like the real thing! Tiny Hands serves a drool worthy menu of scented food jewelry from cupcakes, cookies, donuts, waffles, lollipops, even hot dogs and so many more! All of these sweet treats are featured on necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The fragrances are realistic and true to life! As seen on TV – Amy Poehler wore Tiny Hands Scented Jewelry on the hit show “Parks and Rec.” So, skip the calories and enjoy the fun of Tiny Hands Scented Jewelry.


gracewear Gracewear Collection is a beautiful jewelry line that offers an amazing way to be stylish and spiritual at the same time!! Gorgeous finds under $50 include many gold and rhodium plated pieces with the signature Shield of Faith design. Put on your full armor of God for His protection, mercy, and grace. Wearing the signature design is a subtle way to wear and share your faith.

Gracewear gives back a significant portion of profits to Women and Children in Crisis ministries. Compassion International, Covenant House Ministries, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes are ministries that Gracewear currently supports.


isabelle grace faith fearWhatever your taste is, Isabelle Grace Jewelry has just the items to fit your personality. You can create your own one-of-a-kind piece by selecting from their personalized charms, initials, and semiprecious stones to create a piece that tells your story or select a beautiful piece from their INSPIRED line. Whether celebrating a birthday, graduation or any of life’s milestones, their jewelry is more than an accessory, and makes a memorable gift for friends and loved ones.

Isabelle Grace gives back a generous 20% of the proceeds to GirlTalk a student-to-student mentoring program designed to help girls navigate difficult issues, contribute to their community and build leadership skills.



Breastfeeding: The First 6 Weeks

Breastfeeding: The First 6 WeeksBreastfeeding: Surviving the First 6 Weeks

Breastfeeding resources always tell you stick it out for 6 weeks. To a new mother, the first six weeks are so difficult and if you are having a hard time with breastfeeding 6 weeks can seem like an eternity. So what’s up with continuing to try it through the whole six weeks even if it is not going well? A lot of things actually…

Your Body Is Healing

Delivering a baby, either vaginally or by c-section is a big deal! Your body takes a while to fully heal from it. Any time your body is healing it takes a lot out of you physically and emotionally. If you can stick it out, nursing your baby with a fully recovered body could change the experience dramatically. You will feel better and surely have more patience for anything breastfeeding brings.

Hormones are Changing

Those darn hormones cause all kinds of problems in a woman’s life. After delivering a baby they change yet again and we all know what kind of effect raging hormones have on us. They cause us to be extra emotional….a bad combination with all of the other things you are getting adjusted to. By waiting until your hormone levels have balanced themselves back out, you are giving yourself a real mental chance at handling breastfeeding. Once hormone levels are stable you might also enjoy breastfeeding on a deeper level and find it easier to bond and connect with your baby.

Exhaustion Has Set In

By the time you have delivered your beautiful baby, chances are you are exhausted. Definitely by the end of day two with your new bundle of joy sleep takes on a whole new meaning. Waking up multiple times a night with a crying baby and never getting time to catch up on sleep is extremely taxing….possibly one of the hardest parts about having a newborn. You do get used to running on no sleep, but it takes a while (especially when your body is requiring extra energy to heal). Lack of sleep can surely put you in a bad mood, limit your patience and cause every little thing to make you cry. Any complication with breastfeeding can feel like a huge mountain, when in reality it can be a tiny something, or even nothing at all!

Some women, desperate for sleep, understandably want their husbands to pitch in and handle some of the night feedings and may feel as though they have to carry all of the burden because they are breastfeeding. While it is important for a mother to nurse often in the beginning, by the time your baby is 4 weeks old, you can (and should) pump and introduce your baby to a bottle. Hang in there until that 4 week mark and you can share the feeding responsibility with dad (or anyone else who wants to help).

You and Your Baby are Learning

Although completely natural and something God designed us for, breastfeeding isn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of learning and practice for both you and your baby to get the hang of it. Many women complain of pain and discomfort and the only reason for that would be an improper latch. With tweaking, practice and help any mother can figure it out, though and find the secret to pain-free breastfeeding. And, luckily, this is something that should not take 6 weeks to figure out. If the first few days are awful, keep seeking help from a lactation consultant until you determine what is wrong with your latch and you will soon have it mastered. A baby knows how to suck, but she doesn’t know the best ways to latch on either. It takes time and patience and teaching her how to do it, too. Give it a little time and you with both have a grasp on how to achieve the perfect latch.

You Might Be a Basket Case and Filled With Worry

Bringing a new baby home is stressful! It is natural to worry about every little thing, and many breastfeeding mothers are convinced that their baby is not getting enough to eat. They fear they have an issue with their milk supply and that they cannot provide all of what their baby needs to survive. While there can be some instances where this is true, in fact only about 5% of women have a true issue with milk supply. The reality is that babies don’t require much at first and your body is wired to perfectly provide your baby with all that she needs, throughout the entire time you breastfeed. The amount of milk you produce and even the breakdown of your milk’s components will change to match what your baby needs (this is why breastfed babies do not have to keep on increasing the number of ounces they consume…the milk matches their caloric/fat needs). If you have a proper latch and feed your baby when she is hungry, she IS getting enough. More than likely, by the time you reach the six week mark you will have gotten used to having a newborn around and you won’t be worrying quite as much.

The Magic of the 6 Week Mark

I was dead set on breastfeeding from the beginning. I had a hard time picturing myself nursing before my baby was born, but because of the health benefits, bonding and cost my husband and I both felt strongly that breastfeeding was something we would do for the first year. I told myself early on that no issue or struggle would cause me to quit. Even with this passion for breastfeeding, I got very annoyed with nursing my baby in those first 6 weeks. I would be annoyed with the latch and overthink they way everything needed to be. I never had any major problems or even sore nipples, but I was not able to enjoy breastfeeding during those first six weeks. Since I was so committed to breastfeeding I thought for sure I would like it from the start, but I truly didn’t! It was like a light switch, though, when I reached that six week mark. Out of nowhere, breastfeeding became a great experience and all of my annoyances ceased.

When I think about mothers who don’t have a good support system or who go into breastfeeding timidly I get worried. It is so hard to go into it thinking that you will try it and do it if you like it, because chances are you won’t….unless you stick it out and give it a try once you have gotten through the battles of the first six weeks. Six weeks is kind of a long time, especially when you are physically and mentally drained. But, the best thing you can do for you and your baby is hang in there!! If you are having problems and struggling to make it through to the six week mark get support. Not enough can be said for the value of a support system. Whether it is family, friends or a nursing support group (which can be found through local hospitals, doctors or La Leche League), being able to talk with people that can understand what you are going through, offer you advice and/or be your cheerleader, can do amazing things to get you through to the end.

I am so sure of the magic of the six week mark, that if you are struggling to get through it and you need some support, give me a shout. I will do everything I can to help you through it so you can get to the prize and have a successful, happy experience as a proud, nursing mother!