Ultimate Baby Product Round Up

I am obsessed with the fabulous products we found for our latest round up! Check out these great items and think about adding them to your Christmas shopping list…

  Goumi Kids | Leah Verwey Photo  Goumi Kids Booties, Mittens and Hats

I love the feel of organic cotton. It is just so soft and snuggly and absolutely perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. Goumi Kids makes wonderfully practical booties, mitts and hats for newborns with this amazing organic cotton and special features that make these items actually stay on! The booties and mitts are both secured with Velcro that is comfortably placed. They really don’t fall off! The cute little hats have a tiny visor and they can tie on to keep them in place. You can purchase a set of the three for $40 (or purchase separates) at goumikids.com.

movementmonitorLevana Oma+ Movement Monitor

Let’s face it. All parents worry about their newborns and SIDS when they first bring them home from the hospital. We stare at our video monitors for a sign of movement, but that can be hard to detect on a monitor alone. Levana has come up with a fabulous product to ease the minds of parents with a movement monitor that is separate from your regular video monitor. The cordless and battery-powered movement monitor that can easily be used everywhere you and baby go. Oma+™ clips directly onto the diaper and senses baby’s tiniest movements at the belly button area. The sensor will gently vibrate to help encourage the return of regular movement after 15 seconds of complete stillness and will beep loudly to alert you if no movement is detected for more than 20 seconds. It is a discreet enough size with a flexible sensor that baby doesn’t even notice is on. This is a worry saver and only costs $99 at mylevana.com.

baby alertBaby Alert SoftClip Systems

During the summer months we hear so many sad stories of babies accidentally left in cars and dying from the heat. The fear shouldn’t end when temperatures turn, though. Babies can die from being left in the car at all times of the year. While most of us like to believe there is no way it could happen to us, making sure that we are never at fault can be 100% reassured by using Baby Alert’s SoftClip Systems. All you have to do is replace the chest clip/shoulder harness strap retainer device that came with your car seat with the SoftClip one and the put the Key Ring Alarm Unit on your key ring and you can be worry free. The ChildMinder system reminds drivers with an alarm 8 seconds after the parent or caregiver has moved more than 15 feet from the child in his/her safety seat. What a great thing to have year round for children up to age 6! The system retails for $80 but it is on sale right now for $63.95 at babyalert.info.

blowout blocker soaker stopperBaby Blowout Blocker/Soaker Stopper

Ingenious. These are a must have for any family with babies! So simple, but so brilliant, the Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper solve the problem of diapers that leak. The Blowout Blocker is an extension to a standard diaper, reaching up the back of the baby. It is intended to protect against soiling clothes, bedding, car seats, carpets, etc. from up-the-back diaper messes. It contains the mess for fast, easy and stress free clean-up! The Soaker Stopper is an extension of the diaper up the front, containing potty leaks, especially during night time sleep, The material they are made out of are very soft and pliable. My 20 month old actually likes to wear hers! She rubs the material and has never complained about the fit. They can be purchased as singles or packages from $12.95 at babyblowoutblocker.com.

guardian angel outletGuardian Angel Outlet

Safety is the biggest concern for parents. When it comes to outlets, the covers that most of us use don’t always work. Kids can figure out how to take them off and when adults take them off to use them we sometimes forget to put them back on. The Guardian Angel outlet solves any safety issues surrounding your outlets. The Guardian Angel technology is always on – using capacitive sensing to continuously monitor the electrical receptacle’s immediate surroundings for dangerous actions or situations – ensuring a child is safe. Electrodes in the outlet housing allow the circuit to see beyond its plastic walls and distinguish a dangerous object from an acceptable plug. The outlet uses proprietary technology that is aware when your little one’s hand gets too close. This solution works 100% of the time and installation is VERY easy. A 2 pack is available for $40 at guardianangelsafety.com

goosewaddleGooseWaddle blankets

Texture is my obsession and always has been. My girls seem to have the same tactile awareness of everything like me. They absolutely love to snuggle up in the softest fabrics they can find and are very turned off by anyting that is not comfy, cozy. The GooseWaddle blanket might be the softest material I have ever felt. They are made from fine micro-denier polyester, which gives them a lovably soft feel! Available in classic colors in full sized blanket or blankie at goosewaddle.com (Blanket: $65, Blankie: $35, Gift Sets: $90-$120).

Year End Product Round Up

Trying new products is such a fun thing to do and bring to my fellow parents. This is my biggest round up ever, closing out the year with some fantastic products for parents and kids. Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket? Try out one of these great finds!

snooze shadeSnooze Shade

The snooze shade comes in very handy for parents on the go and for families that do a lot of traveling. The lightweight fabric mesh blocks UV rays from your child in their car seat or stroller and has a wonderful “window” you can close for when you want your child to be able to snooze without distractions. They were smart enough to use snaps in the design instead of Velcro so if you want to peek in on baby you won’t wake her! It attaches very easily to a variety of strollers and rolls up to a small size that fits in diaper bags and luggage. It really is a wonderful accessory for kids that need to snooze on the go. From $39.99, snoozeshadeusa.com

venettiniVenettini & Western Chief Kids Shoes

Oh my cuteness! We got our hands on a pair of incredibly trendy, neon patent leather loafers from Venettini and a pair of sparkly, adorable practical shoes from Western Chief Kids. Both are from Venettini extremely high quality, nice shoes and my daughter loved them both. The loafers are by far the nicest shoes she has had on her feet. Every part is made with high quality materials and the insole is super padded. They were a little narrow for my daughter’s chubby feet, but a wonderful pair of shoes nonetheless. They are definitely shoes that will get attention anywhere they are worn! western chief kidsThe shoes from Western Chief’s glitter collection are awesome everyday/school shoes. They have a rubber, sneaker-type sole that is durable but the styles in the collection are more sleek, stylish and girly than your standard sneakers. They look adorable with the cute clothes your daughter loves to wear and they will hold up to daily wear. Venettini, from $60, Western Chief Kids, from $30, washingtonshoe.com

RufflebuttsRuffle Butts/Rugged Butts

With 2 girls, I am addicted to ruffles and frill. Ruffle Butts is a company that has an adorable selection of ruffled accessories for girls (bloomers, diaper covers, leg warmers, swimwear, tees, dresses, hats and more). And, for those families with boys they even have an awesome line for boys, Rugged Butts (tops, bottoms, hats, swimwear, bloomers and more)! It is the place to find those adorable ties, faux suspenders, jackets and fedora hats that the trendiest of boys wear. Everything that this company has for girls and boys is cute, cute, cute! Definitely go check it out and be prepared to fill your shopping cart. They even offer free shipping on orders over $20. Rufflebutts.com and Ruggedbutts.com

back to sleep bearBack to Sleep Bear

Teaching babies to sleep and self soothe is such a tough task. We used a sound machine with both of our babies that has a maximum run time of 45 minutes. Any time baby would wake up we would go in and start with turning the soothing sound back on. The Back to Sleep Bear is a perfect sound machine because it stays on while baby goes to sleep (5 minutes) and automatically turns on again when baby cries or if the bear is jostled (with sound and motion sensors). You can keep the bear in the crib as a stuffed animal (with the soundbox tucked safely inside the bear) or you can hang it on the side of the crib. We had it hanging on our crib and the movement feature still worked because our daughter likes to kick her feet on the mattress when she wakes up, and that shakes the bed enough to turn the bear back on. Another nice feature to the sound machine is that you can record your own voice/sound instead of using one of the built-in ones. One of the sounds it comes with is actual womb sounds, recorded in the womb. The bear comes with a soft “silkie” that you can tuck into your clothes to put your scent on and baby can snuggle with it. It serves as a back up “lovey” in our daughter’s bed. This is a great sleep aid and is a wonderful addition to a baby’s nursery. $39, princelionheart.com

Funnybone-Toys-GamesFunnybone Toys

Games are so much fun for kids and families. The trick can be finding games that are appropriate for a large age range. Funnybone Toys has achieved this colossal task with a large selection of incredible games that encourage thinking and creativity, are small in their (artistic) packaging and are unique. They are a true combination of form, function and beautiful minimalistic design. The games that we tried out were so cool that our 3 year old could actually play a version of them, while mom and dad could truly be entertained for hours.  Disruptus asks players to look at objects and ideas and use different approaches, as determined by the roll of a die to innovate. Arrazzles lets you explore abstract geometrical configurations. Array is a colorful take on dominoes where players compete to place the highest number of multi-color cards into connecting patterns. Spectrix is a colorful take on the classic game of Rummy, played in multiple fast paced rounds. The object is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand by placing them into color sequences based on the order of colors on the Spectrix guide card or into collections of the same color. CUBU has you try to follow number and color sequences with visual illusion that leads to confusion. It forces players to use their left and right brains at the same time. Any of these games would be wonderful for a family of game-playing thinkers! $24.99, funnybonetoys.com.

baby comfy noseBaby Comfy Nose

This is one mom who ha always despised the nasal aspirator/bulb syringe that they give out at the hospital. I have always refused to use it. They just gross me out. They can’t be cleaned! They are a source of virus-laden mucus that your are putting back into your child’s nose, or worse a sibling’s nose. Not to mention they can be used incorrectly if you squeeze the bulb while it’s in your baby’s nose. So, when I got information about the Baby Comfy Nose I was apprehensive. After looking into it and hearing some great feedback I decided I would go out of my comfort zone and give it a shot. Well, it won me over. I can’t say that it doesn’t gross me out (the sound of snot coming out makes me gag), but I am an official user! The design is actually pretty brilliant. It has a fat, rounded tip that fits comfortably at your baby’s nostril, the snot goes into a tissue that you can throw away and you can completely clean the entire unit (it’s even dishwasher safe) and it uses human suction as the power to really get snot out from high in the nasal passages. Yes, human suction means you suck the snot out with your mouth. But don’t worry, there is no way for any snot to get anywhere near your mouth! My daughter had a pretty gnarly cold and any time I used the Baby Comfy Nose I got a ton of snot out and her nose wouldn’t run for close to 2 hours! When I didn’t use it, her nose ran constantly. I was in total shock. This thing seriously rocks. Get one for each child-you will love it. $14.95, babycomfynose.com

loopygearLoopy Gear

You know that great game of fetch that babies like to play? The one where they repeatedly drop a toy just so you can pick it back up for them? As fun as that is for you to play with them, Loopy Gear takes the floor out of the equation. This simple yet ingenious invention has two Velcro loops-one for the car seat/stroller/high chair/shopping cart or baby’s wrist and one for a toy-connected by a strap so when baby lets go, the toy doesn’t hit the ground. It is perfect for when you are on the go, when a dropped toy can get filthy or go unnoticed and end up gone forever. When they get dirty all you have to do is toss it in the washing machine. They come in a huge variety of colors and patterns and would make a great, unique baby shower gift. $15.99, loopygear.com.

emi jay doodleEmi Jay Doodle Hair Bands

These elastic hair bands are all the rage. They are easy on hair, double as bracelets and are great for mixing and matching. They come in adorable packaging, one that looks like a box of crayons that my daughter thought was so cool. They come in beautiful colors and patterns for every outfit. I love that an everyday ponytail gets jazzed up without the need of an extra hair clip which often times falls out when girls are very active. They are handmade in the USA and 20% of profits go to charity. From $6.99, emi-jay.com.

badaboum dulcetBadaBoum Dulcet Sleep Sack

I really like using a sleep sack once my babies are out of the swaddle but not yet ready for a loose blanket. I have quite a few cotton and fleece ones, which are all relatively similar. But, when I got my hands on the BadaBoum sleep sack it stood out as being different from the rest. The BadaBoum is like an actual quilt covering your baby instead of a light sheet or blanket. It is thick with batting to provide warmth and comfort and it features shoulder snaps and bottom/side zipper to allow for quick and easy diaper changes. My wiggly 10 month old doesn’t particularly like getting dressed or put into our other sleep sacks, but this one is so easy to get her in and own that she doesn’t make a fuss. It is very roomy so it doesn’t restrict movement and they have two sizes to fit up to a 32” baby. Wear it over pajamas that are appropriate for room temperature (recommended for room temperature up to 73 degrees F) and your baby will be as cozy as you all night long! $47, bada-boum.com

cicciabella mishkaCicciaBella Slippers

I live in slippers year round. I hate walking on cold wood and ceramic floors. I always love trying out new slippers and cozy footwear. CicciaBella has an amazing selection of slippers for moms and kids. Their Vintage Cowgirls collection is adorable with their cowboy boot style slippers, their Kwilts collection is dainty with a knit design and faux fur liner and the Mishi collection is a durable boot style with indoor/outdoor soles. I got to try out the incredible Mishka slipper. They have an indoor/outdoor sole, are lined with faux fur and have adorable faux fur pom poms. They are sized like slippers (SM-XL) and are cozy like slippers but the sole is as durable as an actual boot. You can totally wear these out of the house! They don’t have the structure in the heel that a real boot has, but other than that they are as close to a real boot as you can get. I was impressed with how warm my feet got in comparison to my real shearling slippers and boots-they were every bit as warm! They are the best slipper to go from your house to running errands in around town. From $34, available at Amazon

KnixWearKnix Wear

This underwear has a virtually undetectable, chemical-free, anti-microbial stain release hidden in comfortable yet sexy, seamless styles. Knix Wear is a revolutionary women’s underwear brand that targets the 1 in 3 women that experience the occasional “light leak” – also known as stress incontinence – when they laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise. Each pair features Knix’s patented Fresh Fix Technology, a thin yet super absorbent gusset that wicks away moisture and eliminates odor to keep women feeling fresh and dry all day long. The high-tech lining is so comfortable and comforting, you won’t be able to feel it but you will feel protected in any situation – when you perspire, have your period, sneeze or laugh just a little too hard.  Perfect for pregnant women and new moms. From $28, knixwear.com

Braun-Forehead-ThermometerBraun Forehead Thermometer

I have used many types of thermometers and never really fell in love with any of them. Regular digital thermometers take too long when a baby hates having it held under their armpit, arterial thermometers are very inconsistent in their readings and the angle of an ear thermometer changes what you get. When I tried the Braun Forehead Thermometer I loved everything about it. It was easy to use, gave a consistent reading and its design is excellent. The thermometer’s fever guidance system indicates the severity of each reading with a green, yellow or red light, helping parents easily decipher and monitor the status of their child’s temperature. The Braun Forehead Thermometer’s built-in infrared technology takes multiple readings during each forehead swipe, processing the readings using a unique algorithm for an accurate measurement. The thermometer automatically converts the final reading to the oral temperature equivalent, which is important when communicating with pediatricians and would normally be obtained through a more invasive under-the-tongue thermometer.  The backlit screen is huge, with large numbers so you can read it even in a dark bedroom. It is by far the best thermometer I have ever used! $49.99, braunthermometers.com.